It's a fair question if "the tech is any good", or if "it's all jumbled", or many other criticisms.

However, I'd prefer to be a little less bitter. We all know that if a corp finds stuff valuable, they play all those "Intellectual Property" games. So if they're sitting on some misc code, sure - we'll take free stuff, *because they can't (easily?) take it back.*

Never underestimate brilliant hacks out of "worthless" stuff. It's what invented the shredder industry, and post-it notes, and silly putty.

Let's take it one further.

It may not even be trash. It may be in that nebulous category of "unfocused".

Geek Analogy! "The following lot contains: One thriller novel with a missing cover, a calculator with the % key missing, three boxes of green tea with a misprinted label, the source code for the Amiga OS, and a grass mud horse chia pet."