In a very real sense, we are living in the Science Fiction Age.

I know, that theme was co-opted by a magazine in 1992, but it's even more true (in the darker aspects!) than ever.

The mastery of "SmartPhones" is the 1960's Star Trek "Communicators" come true. They even made a commemorative App for the Tablets to be a Star Trek "Signature Data Padd". Supposedly we're only a few years out from the Tri-Corders etc, though I hear someone made a visual mockup of that too.

Whew!  If I can ever get around the research, this should grow into one of the Heavy Hitter sections of this site. The only trouble is Speed vs Quality. Overall, this site unabashedly collects fast notes that could sit for weeks until they are expanded, so "Speed Wins", but I know that Quality Matters. I have a lot of background material to cover here.