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"A letter to ICANN (PDF) from Victoria Sheckler, Deputy General Counsel for the RIAA, demands modifications to the future implementation of the .music gTLD, threatening to 'escalate the issue' if certain concerns about 'wide scale copyright and trademark infringement' are not addressed by ICANN in compliance with the RIAA. 'Under the current proposed standard, we fear that we will have no realistic ability to object if a pirate chooses to hijack a music themed gTLD to enable wide scale copyright infringement of our works,' Sheckler said."


How can you not register a domain name? Do you mean we'd have an army of sites which only exist as ""? Wouldn't that be the grandpappy of all confusion?

"Aw damn, I typed"


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>The RIAA is apparently trying to piss off everyone they can. I don't get it.

Is it RIAA or their lawyers pushing this? Who stands to gain money atm.))

Yes, the RIAA treats music like an ATM machine.