From Slashdot:

"Adam" nailed it: "So let me get this straight. So when the RIAA sues someone, it's $80k per title for infringement [], but when they are infringing, they set aside $167 per title?"

AC followed up with: "Maybe they get a Volume Discount?


Meanwhile, maybe we have an awesome new precedent though for the next file share case.

Jammie's Appeal through counsel:

"Your honor, given this new information, I ask for her damages to be reduced to $4000."

Especially since there was no wishy-washy "making available" stuff - these were raw Sold, and not by any third party, but by the originators of the modern concept of copyright.

Can we PLEASE close out this era of mega-suits?


Someone remarked that cross country boundaries might come into play, and that this result was from Canada. However I am guessing here, but I don't think they can hold out long trying to say a song is "worth" a different amount in Canada vs. the US. I still think it counts as an informational precedent to point to for the next case that comes up in the US.


Perfect setup! (Clarify this later) []