The full power of the Copyright SWAT team. Or Slander & Libel.

Summarizing you, you're talking about putting Respected_Author tags on 4chan posts.


Oh dear me, am I missing something?

So you can totally spoof random people's names into any webpage? So searches for author=Obama come up with doctored pics of Osama-Obama slash or something?


Because this is an Author Tag! (Cue the Serious Stern Face.)

Of course twerps can claim stuff. So far people can just laugh stuff off.

Now the obvious use of the tag is for the copyright police... they're gonna try to make the author tag a statement almost akin to under oath. So all those tv show clips on youtube that don't have the network=author tag are instant slam-bait.

But now the more dangerous case is when Da Gov wants to do False Flag cases, and posts pics of Democrats sharing lingerie, and they put "Author=___Congressman", they fire it away as a "political hit and run" and leave him explaining to the masses that "it wasn't him, I didn't lick".

Remember all these break-in cases? If the hacker breaks into your account, and posts stuff on your account with you as the Author, same thing. "Dammit, that's not my Brittany-CookieMonster mashup!"

In short, by making a tag out of it all, it's a case of something truly awful.


Oh, of course.

I used a little humor. But yes, you absolutely have a clear case - you submit something in an intelligent style, and the first pass no one notices, until it accidentally gets picked up and then they slam the original creator.

What for example if that math paper that got hosed last week was *spoofed*? It's bad enough if the original author goofed, but since he got pulverized for "not checking", what if it was a classy defamation attack?