It took way too long for the tech to Propogate, I'll give you that.

But the Future of Writing is Dynamic Hypertext.

Enough of these 1-shot Blogs with 8 pages on the same story. (Yay, Ad Views!)

The right way to do it is one page with 8 updates. Except Unskilled Users won't look if it's not fed to them via Rotator. Onward.

Hypertext Authoring means an Author can plan more than one story path. (Typically an ending.) With some work, there's some Footnotes too.

But even more powerful is that if the Author hates an entire section, he just re-writes it and re-submits it. With Print Live On Demand, no one cares, the Reader gets the Best Known Version. Only Novel Historians would know it was different.

Convinced Yet?