I'd put this one down in the Innovative Category! I am a modern Buddhist myself, so I thought a few minutes wondering if I would buy it over a stock iPhone that I have now. Then again, they probably Have An App For That, I just haven't looked.

Here is a picture link:  http://s.fsdn.com/sd/articles/09/05/26/1717255-1-thumblg.png


"by interkin3tic (1469267) Friend of a Friend on 07:05 PM May 26th, 2009 (#28102979)

The world is full of people who don't take their professed religions seriously.

On behalf of agnostics worldwide, I -might- be offended by that statement."

To which I added:

There's a meeting of Agnostics Anonymous next week. I think. But the group leader won't call me back to confirm.


Joke based on a reference to an old Zen Koan:

by synthesizerpatel (1210598) Alter Relationship on 06:32 PM May 26th, 2009 (#28102585)

Three Zen Buddhist monks standing on a hill on a breezy day observe a prayer flag flapping in the wind.

The first monk says "Flag is moving."

The second monk says "Wind is moving."

The third monks cell-phone plays the crazy-frog ring-tone as he gets spam SMS'd by his provider.

All three monks fail to achieve enlightenment.

I added:

The monastery provides the local service.

The SMS reads:

"Your Phone is Moving."


More Koan jokes:

AC asked: "Does a phone have a Buddha-nature?"

Me: "Mu"

(Based on the old Koan that "Mu" is simultaneously a literal "no" but also "referencing Buddha Nature".