(In reponse to opinions that we can use fancy tech like Onion Routers and Proxies.)

There's a Systems problem here too.

For all the cool tricks we can develop, all the authorities have to do is Ban X, which is the modified object, then just continue the fear campaign. We can't develop 50 new tricks per day.

Also, the range is a problem. I can think of any number of short-range Godel Encoding themes, but it does me no good if the audience is my neighbor. To get news out of Country Z, you need some kind of data that leaves Country Z that can't just be the subject of more regulations. Sorry, I'd rather not be condemned to repeat 1950's Russia.


One idea was to use a multi-pronged attack with so many strategies, as to overwhelm those in control.

It's a good effort, but it's not tinking evil enough.

Allow me to change about seven words from the draft bill floating around congress:

"Any unathorized viewing of any copyrighted item is a felony."

And since everything that exists has an instant copyright from the moment it was created, the first 1000 "country destroying IP-terrorists" made an example of will go way past chill - it will be cultural nuclear winter.

"Wheel Of Fortune 2.0! Is that screen of data in front of you the single authorized copy? No? You lose! Thanks for playing!"