For abourt two and a half years while all the rest of this was stewing in my mind, I set about searching for a good free webhost. Below are the winners of my slightly-radical surevey on free web hosting services.

Free Host Longevity Study Winners

Updated 2-1-2012


SeraphimLabs     DeckerServices     CwahiCrosswinds    IsMyWebsite

These are links to free hosts selected from a 27-month durability study on in which many fly-by-night outfits were eliminated. Hosts who are no longer eligible vanished from the board.

The study methodology was a hybrid of a few separate principles. I decided that an unyielding demerit system would prove overly punitive which would incorrectly discard an otherwise promising host. Instead, the scoring system was modified for each host to give the promising ones some chances to repair their reputation. However, when it became clear that a host could no longer be recommended as top tier, they were removed from the study.


Basic Site link FWS here:        FWS Forums

The study thread is here:        Study thread

Host Panels:                        Host Panels