Note 1: (Tangent! Did no one notice, thematically, that in "Episodes 4, 5, and 6" that Darth Vader was played physically by Bodybuilder David Prouse at 6'5 and voiced by James Earl Jones, while in the new Prequel movies, he is played by the slim Hayden Christensen at 6'1? Really? Was there no one else to cast? Storywise, what kind of super-future meds did Vader take to gain 4 more inches and 50 pounds of muscle?) Ironically, it would be James Earl Jones who contributed to the invention of the BlockBuster formula with his signature iconic voice portrayal of Darth Vader in the early Star Wars movies.

Note 2: In fact, by the time this gets out and about, it will be exactly 50 year old news. Anyone know what they want to do for the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's shooting? 5 minutes of silence?

Note 3: Wikipedia notes that Irving Wallace died in 1990, almost a decade before the reprint in 1999. The Wikipedia article is a little harsh in this context, describing him as a Blue-Collar writer of "Junk Novels with a Sexual Theme". In general, the novel The Man stays away from that stereotype because it has so much political ground to cover.

Note 4: Otherwise some Southern states, including my (Jones') native state of Mississippi, would refuse to air them. For the television script, the decision was made to eliminate the sensational issue of the impeachment of the first Back President of the United States."