From Slashdot:

""The EU's cyber security agency, ENISA, has issued its final report (PDF) on the first Pan-European cyber security exercise for public bodies, Cyber Europe 2010. The exercise was conducted on the 4th of November, 2010. Its objective was to trigger communication and collaboration between countries in the event of large-scale cyber-attacks. Over 70 experts from the participating public bodies worked together to counter over 300 simulated hacking attacks aimed at paralyzing the Internet and critical online services across Europe. During the exercise, a simulated loss of Internet connectivity between the countries took place, requiring cross-border cooperation to avoid a (simulated) total network crash.""


One attack made a copy of the complete discograpy of Metallica. (Kidding! That would be more than our Copyright Overlords could bear!)

Seriously now, combining all kinds of weird topics including international computer law etc, suppose a 2 Million Member Forum could unite and WE did our own study? It would be officially announced in Lawyer Advised Ways, but then *that's all the warning they get* - and even that is "too much"! (But ya have to be nice ya know.) Types range all the way from goatse from our new friends in the 2mil-uid crew, to (makes stuff up) self replicating shadow packets.

As many of us as feel motivated would document our stuff, and submit it when we felt like we were done.

Wouldn't we be a scary crew? Some forums might have a higher skill per user but I think slashdot is in the race for broadest overall reach to smart users.

(Joke - please someone get someone running Amiga OS6 to help. I can just see that result! "Okay, what opsys is this event... amiga-WHAT?... we're being attacked by a system that only exists in four copies in the entire world?!?")


It was rather amusing to see a chief complaint that "they couldn't get through due to busy phone lines." Okay, we're talking about the midst of a global internet meltdown and they can't place phone calls? (Or was it ____ is Busy, can I take a message"?)