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Back in 2000, I contacted several publishers about publishing my 500 page book "Introduction to Data Communications", pretty much all declined stating that it was not specific enough. I wrote it specifically because at the time there wasn't an introductary level book. One major publisher had the following conditions that I would have to do in order for them to publish it:

1. Add another 200 pages

2. Create an online website

3. Create an online test bank

4. They would forward $5,000 of my expected earnings in order to perform the years worth of work.

5. Hand over complete copyright to them

6. If they decided that any changes were required, I would have to pay for the changes regardless if I agreed with them or not.

I told the VP what I thought in the most appropriate terms and stated that I would give the book away rather than have anything to do their company. So since 2000, the book Introduction to Data Communications [sait.ab.ca] has been free online to anyone who wishes to use it. I used to make pocket change from the Google adds and for the last couple of years, instead of Google adds, I advertise the programs that I teach for at the post-secondary institute.


Hmm - this line of the license says that we can modify and then use the text without pre-securing permissions from you.

"You are allowed to use it, view it, modify it without permission of the author Eugene Blanchard."


Been there, Agreed to that. You can check my web branding if you like.

So I shall honorably enter your text into my collection of source materials for web-justice projects.

((Follow Up?))


Honest question, which I feel is key to this area of copyleft etc -

Why is there no motivation for updating and revising it? Your original goal can't have been To Get Rich. What is your official opinion of people doing derivative works? I would advise you think in terms of the Creative Commons spread of licenses.

I have marked it for my notes, at the minimum to read, but also for alternative web experiments.


(Because Money is a Motivator)

Fair answer, and a perfect lead in to my next theme - the Web desperately needs source materials released by the original authors. Despite your amusing license, if you are willing to do that, it will be an important step in the war against copyright tyranny.