Freemium: It's the Future. Get Used To It or Get Squashed.

Okay, backing down from the CamelCaps, what the 2010-2020 decade brought us, after a lot of groundwork, is the Fremium model. You release 2-4 versions of your software/service. The Free version actually is enough for some 70% of your customers who want a 4-time use item to do something and move on. Then the Power Users notice that some hard core feature is missing. That hard core feature is only supported in the Pro edition. The usual asking price is some $20-$75 for the Pro Edition.

This is pretty good. Wrapped in other language, "free knowledge" is called ... wait for it ... Education. now THERE'S a Feel-Good topic! But ever notice that generic Education is kinda weak on specifics when it counts? Oh yes, it has lots of facts, like Which General Screwed the South in the US Civil War in 1864, but kinda absent when it comes to ANY industry knowedge.

Anyway, So Economics 3.0 as I like to call it, will rip apart Economics at the seams. All the nice Supply and Demand Curves will go to pieces. That's because with Zero Cost Production, Demand will stretch much farther on the Long Tail.

Wrapped up in all this is Viral Sales Method. Some cagey companies are playing both sides - they whine about Copyright Infringement, yet ignore certain strategic user uploads or even occasionally upload their own properties. Susan Boyle, bless her heart, is the Poster example. An innocent but talented singer from the British Isles burst into Internet YouTube fame after a couple of versions of Britain's Got Talent (what show is that? Oh right, I saw it on YouTube) went global. She became a Best-Selling New Singer a year or two ago. Fremium at is finest.