Flamebait Summary

With only a brief glance at TFA this is a Flamebait summary.

It's the age-old distinction between a low-grade machine that is resistant to abuse and a high-grade machine that is vulnerable to abuse.

The summary unfairly rewards low-grade abuse-resistant machines/brains.


Here's the simple version!

1. Hammers are fun! You can bang on things all day with them and fix a lot of problems.

2. Seismographs are not hammers. If you bang on things ... with a machine *designed to measure the earth banging on stuff*, you'll get a 14 on the Richter scale followed by the machine breaking... after you fixed your loose screw problem.


Even that is not so simple!

Moar Brainz!

There are articles wondering if Ashkenazi Jews strengthen the processes which ""correlate" to higher intelligence. In a fantastically confusing mix of Nature vs Nurture vs Old Boys Clubs, comes the hypothesis that five hundred years of "greater world neglect" produced a rare risky genetic gamble of extra neurons for certain types of processing, paired with a culture that valued learning and study.

http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/culture/features/1478/ [nymag.com]

The article is some 25% provocation, but clearly too long to be a mere troll.


"...so does Nick Bilton of the NY Times. That's why I called it a Flamebait summary. They picked a disastrous phrase in "too much brain leads to distraction".

I'm clever but you're still ahead of me. I agree, we need a "no genius left behind" program but that's too much to ask of 2011 America. Maybe we'll have it by 2020.

One day if you feel bored again I could use someone who craves mental challenges because I have a couple hard questions to ask. Email me. It's not even obfuscated."

(Not sure what I was referring to here - Nick Bilton has a book (Is it in my library or did I glance at it in a store?))