Not least of the surprises is that an actual new game, called Net Racer, was released for this ancient platform.

I have fond memories of Commodore: the C64 was both a shade too early and a shade too hard for me as a ten year old. Scroll forward two years: the C128 was a grand slam hit for me, with two more years of growth under my belt and a 300% easier programming language.

For those of you who weren't around for that, the C128 version of BASIC ha extended graphics commands so that you could draw both Line Graphics and Sprites with three line commands. (This was in comparison to the exhausting number of Peeks and Pokes necessary for the C64, which had all the right 'guts', but it simply wasn't User-Facing.)

So fresh off the batch I made a Maze game very vaguely similar to the Tron Lightcycle game, in which you had a quasi-deliberately clunky spaceship that could only navigate up-down-left-right having to navigate laser-mazes of cruel angles. All in some 500 lines of code.